Prezi vs. PowerPoint in the classroom? I vote Prezi.

A few days ago my friend and I went out for lunch to catch up. She had just come out of class, and as she got into my car the first thing she said to me was, “I can’t handle another PowerPoint presentation, Allison. It’s too long and it’s way too boring.”  Her teacher was using PowerPoint’s to transmit information to the students, and lecturing them on the content pretty much word for word. Sure, this is not unheard of. Most teachers use this tool continuously because they are familiar with the tool and because of how easy it is to use. So I decided to search the net, and see if there were any other tools similar (and more fun) to the infamous PowerPoint presentation.

The first thing I came across was Prezi. Funny enough, it is apparently PowerPoint’s biggest competitor. The Prezi website is actually very captivating, so I decided to learn more about it. After clicking the explore button, I couldn’t help but activate my comparison mode and try to find all the differences and similarities with the competition. Generally, I learned that Prezi is a tool that allows users to make a presentation in all sorts of different ways. In classroom contexts, students can share and collaborate, they can import from PowerPoint (obviously), it’s very user friendly and looks like a uniquely designed poster. The main argument here is: it’s more fun for the eye.

According to this site, one of Prezi’s biggest trademarks is the ability to zoom in and out  of the presentation if needed. The structure resembles that of a mindmap layout, it can look much more appealing for students since it is more flexible. The most interesting thing I found out was that it was originally designed with the iPad in mind which means that it is Whiteboard friendly. It’s designed for the touch screen and made to be interactive. Also, Prezi is very collaboration friendly. Students can edit together and collaborate in teams while using this tool.

This slideshow mentions different ways Prezi can be used in class. The trademark, zooming in and out of key words or phrases, can be used for vocabulary. Students can see a definition, discuss, and when they come to a conclusion they press on the word and it zooms in. there are many different activities that can be done for vocabulary. Also, Prezi can make Venn diagrams, which are fun for brainstorming with students especially since they are interactive. Also, Prezi can make mindmaps and all sorts of other graphic organizers. A fun idea for a project is using Prezi to create advertisements. Since it’s so interactive, students could create a poster for something and present it to the class.

As a person who used to hate when teachers opened up a PowerPoint presentation, I think Prezi is definitely a tool I would like to use. I like how interactive it is and how many things there are to do with the tool. There’s so many options, that it seems like you can get much more out of it than PowerPoint. 

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