After endlessly hearing about Pinterest… I have finally decided to check it out. Little did I know, I actually like it. Since I am already in the mindset for educational tools, I immediately thought it would be an interesting tool to research for classroom use. So I started off by taking a tour of the Pinterest website, looking through the different categories and trying to think of ways this could be used in class. Pinterest allows users to join different categories of what you like, which means that you basically subscribe to pictures you like. All the categories you choose to like and you find interesting appear on your board, and all the things you pin or repin appear on your board eventually. Hence the name PINterest…

According to this website, there are actually several ways that Pinterest can be used in a classroom. Teachers have been using this website to share lecture notes, share quotes, share suggested reading materials with students and pictures related to topics. Students can like or repin the things related to the class and end up with a board related to the topic. Students can organize their boards the way they want to, and the pictures or quotes are automatically linked to the source so the teacher can link all sorts of things together.

So after reading some basic ideas for using this tool in class, I wanted more. So I visited this website and it listed a whole bunch of ways to use Pinterest in class either for students, for fun and for teachers. The main idea behind using this tool in class is to show, and not tell. Students can be more visual with what they do, and they can share it amongst themselves by commenting, repinning and searching for specific things within the website. Students can use this tool to brainstorm and do visual group work by searching in the educational pins or just searching through the website in general.

Although it doesn’t seem like a really educational website or tool, there are a lot of things students can do to get started with projects. It’s a good tool for brainstorming and gaining general knowledge about a subject that students can refer to throughout a project.  For the purpose of projects, it is definitely a tool I would like to try using in class. 

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