Once again, I have searched for different ways technology can be applied in classroom settings. And once again, I have been introduced to a fantastic new concept. It goes by the name of: Glogster! I found the initial description on this website, which allowed me to learn the basic idea behind it. Basically, its an interactive visual platform. It’s called Glogster because it’s a graphical blog. The way it is used, is that users create a poster or a webpage that looks like a poster which contains multimedia. On the poster, you can put anything you want ranging from pictures, text, audio, videos, drawings, graphics, links.

I watched a video, showing users how Glogster works. It was useful because it really showed examples from beginning to end. Basically there are three steps. Choose a template that appeals to you, give it a fun name, and make the poster! Simple as that. Of course, students generally need more explanations than that, but all the same, it doesn’t seem like rocket science. The video host explained that these electronic posters can be created individually or collaboratively, and that almost anything can be added onto them. Students can make it look like whatever they want, which allows them to get creative.

My first impression was how fun it looked. Glogster states that the main purpose for this tool is to “engage students, inspire curiosity and excite learners.” I agree. I personally think that learners would enjoy the opportunity to create an interactive poster where they can click on a picture, or on a link, or on a video and present it in a unique way. It looks like a poster, but readers can interact with the content. Taking this into account, I started to notice that there were several possibilities for it to be used in an ESL classroom.

According to this website, students can use this tool to write book reports, make digital posters and complete their homework. It can also be used to write book reviews, character portrayals, story setting, practice vocabulary and for brainstorming. As for teachers, we can use it to prepare lessons and make visually appealing and interactive presentations. Students can also collaborate with others, making them develop important social skills as well as developing media and visual literacy.

As someone who adores the use of creativity in the classroom, I will most likely want to use tools like Glogster in my classrooms. i personally think it is a great tool, which allows students to create something from scratch and interact with it. They have something unique at the end of the project and they to show their work since the whole class can see the class’ Glogs. It’s a very interesting way to make schoolwork become fun and interactive and I love the possibilities it creates. 

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