iPads in the classroom.

I remember when my high school got new computers.  Finally, computers that worked! I remember our excitement, and how happy we were when teacher’s said, “Alright, we’re going to the computer room today for an assignment.” Well, now, it’s probably going to be, “Alright, get out your iPads for an assignment.” As someone who has not grown up in a technological savvy school, I admit some confusion upon the necessity of all these tools and electronics being provided by the school. However, having also grown up in a society where technology basically took over everything, I understand the appeal.

As I read into the idea of using iPads in class, I came across this article that said that the use of this Apple product actually was proven to boost test scores. Students were said to be more enthused about literature, hence the improvement in literacy. Now that I think about it, it’s true that the iPad has the potential to make things a lot more interesting. Apple launched iBooks, allowing it to be an e-Reader which provides kids with a book at the click of a button. There are endless amounts of apps, which can enrich student’s knowledge about, well, everything.

Continuing my research into the matter, I found a wonderful site stating “Top 10 Reasons Classrooms Should Have iPads”. Interested, I went on to read the Top 10 reasons and actually learned a few things. First, there’s an app for that! There are tons and tons of applications with educational purposes. There are some very interesting ones specifically for a second language classroom. Now, this one really surprised me. Exams! There are websites and programs that allows kids to write their exams on the iPad and get the result as soon as their done. If that’s not proactive, I don’t know what is. Of course, test taking and writing an exam is an important thing to learn as well, but little quizzes and exercises can become a lot more fun with the iPad. Of course on the Apple website there is a whole section about “Apple in Education”. Textbooks are available as eBooks, educational apps, and as a teacher, I can connect the iPad to a projector and use it along with the students.

I have read some reviews regarding the use of iPad, and how it affected teaching. Most teachers say they realized their students felt like they were participating in class a lot more with the device. They felt responsible and more encouraged to use the tool and it enriched their learning experience. As a future teacher, I have to consider how I would integrate it as part of my teaching. Well, truth is, there’s so much to do with this tool that I can basically integrate the way I want depending on the class content. I would definitely enjoy using this tool in a classroom, for homework assignments, classwork and group activities and lessons. I think that kids nowadays love using these kinds of things, and love doing these types of activities. If it makes students succeed and enjoy learning, then it’s definitely worth it. 

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